Jewel Connoisseur

Joining hands with Jewel Connoisseur, we embarked on a mission to craft a website that mirrors their inherent luxury and fine craftsmanship, while prioritising seamless user experience.

In collaboration with Jewel Connoisseur, we refined their digital presence, emphasising luxury and impeccable craftsmanship. The transformed website effortlessly captures their dedication to bespoke service and the unparalleled expertise of Carina Valner, making it a digital reflection of their esteemed brand.

Our Client

Meet Jewel Connoisseur. Guided by the expertise of Carina Valner, this brand stands tall in the echelons of luxury jewellery. With over two decades under her belt, Carina has collaborated with elite jewellery houses and won the trust of her clients. The brand’s dedication to bespoke service and unparalleled quality shines through.

The Challenge

Jewel Connoisseur came to us with a clear mandate: a website as radiant and bespoke as their offerings. While the previous platform did its job, it missed that signature shimmer – the luxury quotient synonymous with the brand. Beyond aesthetics, strengthening cybersecurity and refining the brand’s digital presence were paramount.


Drawing from their opulent collection, we designed a website that exudes luxury while ensuring easy navigation. The revamped digital space is rich with keywords resonant with luxury, craftsmanship, and bespoke design. We incorporated high-quality imagery, letting users relish every intricate detail of Jewel Connoisseur’s masterpieces.

After the website’s rollout, it underwent rigorous evaluations across various devices and geographies. Leveraging Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights, we keep our fingers on the pulse, monitoring user interactions, site speed, and overall performance.

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