Website Management

Having a website developed is only the first step, you'll also need the right place to showcase your website.

Our website management plans include super-fast, secure hosting, ensuring that you have the perfect place to showcase your new website.

Once your website is ready, the work is far from over. It needs care and attention, along with constant updates so that its content can always reflect the current state of your business. And what about safety?

As you probably can understand, this is very tiring work, and it definitely needs a professional! Can’t you tell the difference between a “home-made” website – one that’s exposed to cyber threats and has outdated content – and a professionally made website – perfectly safe to surf in, with a catchy design and engaging content? Well, your customers sure can!

Let us take care of the heavy lifting.

So, how can we help you manage your website and make sure your website remains effective in the long run?

Side view portrait of modern developer using computer in office.
  • Regular Updates

    Outdated software and plugins mean your site is more susceptible to hackers and hinder its performance. Your plugins, themes, and core files will be updated weekly and detailed in your reports to make sure your website runs smoothly.
  • Unlimited edits

    Whether something drastically changes and you NEED to let your customers know ASAP or just want to write something nice to show that your content is always up-to-date and taken care of, we've got your back! We will do it for you. And we will do it again, and again, and again, as many times as you want!
  • Malware removal

    We know you don’t even want to think about it, but accidents do happen, so you better be prepared to do something to fix them. As soon as we see any cyber threat coming your way, we will make sure to delete it and leave your website clean and as safe as it always has been!
  • Emergency support and 24/7 monitoring

    What if it’s 4 AM and you realise somebody has hacked into your website and is trying to access your secret data? No worries, we got you! With our emergency support, you will always know that there is someone to take care of your problems.
  • Fast and secure hosting

    We use the latest web hosting technology to deliver your site at lightning speeds, your visitors will be able to access it quickly and easily.
  • Clear reporting

    We know that IT jargon can be hard to grasp. That is why we want to make sure you can always understand what the situation with your website is: we will clearly explain any data, chart or info about your business website. This way, you will know exactly how your content is performing!