Navigate to Your Pages

Start by going to your website’s dashboard. From there, navigate to the ‘Pages’ section and then select ‘All Pages’. You’ll see a list of all your website pages, such as ‘About Us’ or ‘Home’. You might notice some pages have ‘bricks’ at the end of their name, indicating they’ve been built using Bricks Builder.

Choose the Page to Edit

Look for the option ‘Edit with Bricks’. This button allows you to edit content even if ‘bricks’ isn’t specified. However, bear in mind that the editing process may vary depending on whether the page is using the native WordPress Gutenberg block system or custom fields. We will focus on editing using Bricks Builder in this guide.

Start Editing with Bricks Builder

Click on ‘Edit with Bricks’, and the Bricks Builder interface will load up. The interface is quite user-friendly. If you want to change the hero heading, simply click on it and type your new heading. The same method applies to the text; click on the text you want to change and start typing your new content.

Edit Buttons and Links

If you wish to change the buttons’ text, click on the button and type your new text. You can also change where the button links to. To do this, click on the button and either link it to an internal page (this will show all the pages, posts, etc., on the site, from which you can select), or link it to an external URL by selecting ‘External URL’ and pasting the URL in the box.

Replace Images

To change an image, click on the image box and then on the smaller box inside it. You’ll then have the option to either upload an image from your computer or add an image from the media library. Select the image and hit ‘Insert’ to replace the old image.

Adjust Text and Links on Cards

Your site may have cards that link to services, blog posts, etc. These are edited slightly differently. Select the card heading, and you’ll see options for an ‘External URL’ or ‘Internal Page’. Choose one and provide the necessary URL or page. To change the card image, go to the section on the right, select the image, and click to change it.

Change Icons

If your website has icons, you can change these by clicking on the icon and choosing a new one. There are different font and icon libraries available, and if you have custom icons, you can select ‘SVG’, click into the box, and select or upload your custom icon.

Save Your Changes

Once you’ve made all your desired changes, don’t forget to click ‘Save’. This will publish your changes on the website’s front end.


Congratulations! You’ve just edited your website page using Bricks Builder. If you have any questions or run into any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy editing!